Hi, I'm Felix and I'm dreaming of a world full of beautiful highspeed websites.

Specializing in Angular and NgRX, I implement powerful ecosystems with a durable data flow, high performance and great usability for very different tasks, starting at usual websites going to enterprise applications with electron.

As web technologies spill over across IT development with IoT and web-based apps featuring ideas from Cordova or Electron, I believe Angular (and React and other JS frameworks) will be the future of the Web and industry. Combined with NodeJS, you can create ultra-fast UIs based on C ++ low-level calculations or interactions with other systems and hardware in real time.

On this page you will find finished and current projects. Some projects are marked as purchasable. If you are interested in this type of software or have own application ideas, contact me.

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Interests and career

I started programming since I was 12 years old in 2002. During this time, I made first steps in the school with HTML and Java Applets. Always fascinated by the development of new digital things and a great passion for knowing how things work, I went deeper into JavaScript and PHP / MySQL and made my first little unpublished CMS for myself and for the practice.

In 2016, I completed my Bachelor in Physics at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. Most of the time I enjoyed all computer physics, like simulations with numerical integration (eg Runge-Kutta or Monte-Carlo). There I learned the basics of C ++ programming, which I have brought in my spare time due to interests in addition to an even more efficient level.
Afterwards I started my Masters and expect to graduate in 2019. In my studies I spend a lot of time with neuroscience and fluid dynamics.

When I heard of the development and release of Angular 2 in 2016 as a hobby JavaScript developer, I spent a lot of time learning Angular and later NgRX and all the backend stuff like PHP and NodeJS. I have also published my first Angular projects with PHP and NodeJS backends. Now I am able to create webapps (or native apps / programs with ideas from Cordova / Electron) with a persistent data flow and a reusable codebase.

During my studies, I thought about working as a programmer and found my first job as a developer at an innovative company called Beckhoff Automation. There I learned Matlab and created a heat conduction simulation. Later, I created a front end with Angular / NgRX, which can communicate with Beckhoff's TwinCAT using C ++ and NodeJS at a very high level of communication speed and refresh rate.

In August 2018, I decided to work independently and pass on my knowledge. I also think web technologies like Angular or React are the future, not just for the private, but also for the industry. And you can see the beginning at every technology fair. Keyword: IoT, HMI. The internet deserves a much better user experience than most websites currently offer.