Felix Lemke Software Development

Felix Lemke Software Development

Published on: 9/2/2018


> Server-side rendering for highspeed view loads and search engine optimization (SEO) > Custom deploy just requiring NodeJS/Express Webserver > OAuth2.0 Login with Google and Facebook > Google Cloud Firestore Realtime database


> LaTeX math with ultra fast rendering by Katex library > Customizable syntax highlighting for different languages > Inline styling with bold, itallic and code > Paragraph formats: Text, title, code, math, image, citation, tree and accordion > Article comments


With server-side rendering and usage of a highspeed webserver, e.g. like Google Cloud or Heroku, the page loading speeds are incredibly fast. Also the complete front-end is optimized for loading time and performance.
Here is the output of a Google Chrome Audit targeting the titlepage.

Social media

Server-side rendering enables beautiful previews for social media. E.g. the WhatsApp preview for an Article looks like this: